Kings County

by Cheyenne

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We began writing songs for Kings County all the way back in 2007, before we released The Whale. The blueprint was pretty simple, in that all of the music for these songs would be written by the band as a whole, with lyrics and vocals to be added later. Up until then, every song Cheyenne had released began as an acoustic song that I would bring to the band to flesh out. We felt that we had made a big progression from record to record, and this new method of writing would be the best way to break new ground. The music was written pretty quickly, most of it originating from guitarist Josh Harper’s riffs and progressions and drummer Heath Fisher’s piano parts. But I did not anticipate how difficult it would be for me to hold up my end of the bargain.

We began recording the music during a break from our 2008 tour for The Whale at Blackwatch Studios in Norman. At the time I only had vocals for two songs, and so the rest became instrumental pieces that I would come back to again and again over the next few years trying to find a way to fit in. I was happy with the new sound, but I felt like I was trying to shoehorn my way into the songs. In the meantime I released a solo album and two solo EPs, all the while thinking maybe the next Cheyenne record just wasn’t meant to be. Still, I hammered away as ideas came until it dawned on me – this would be the last Cheyenne record, and that’s what the songs needed to be about. From there, I was able to fill in the gaps and a finished record emerged, one that surprised me and one that I felt the band could be proud of.

We had a rehearsal loft space in Brooklyn where we all lived for a few years together and wrote these songs. Afterwards we would go to a bar down the street called Kings County and talk about our big plans for the release, all the while overlooking the biggest challenge that would face us, which was simply finishing the record. Here we are now crossing the finish line, all bloodied and wet and grinning. Cheyenne as it appears on this record is the polar opposite of what appeared on the first recordings, and I for one am proud of the growth. Whatever idea the band name Cheyenne encompassed, I feel like it has been seen through to its logical conclusion. What started out quiet and introspective has become confident and aggressive, and while some may like one version or the other, I prefer to look back on the last decade of Cheyenne releases as one long story. We hope you enjoy its conclusion.


released October 15, 2013

Recorded at Blackwatch Studios in OK, Sugarbox Studios in NY and at The Farm in NY

Engineered by Chad Copelin, Michael Trepagnier, Jarod Evans, Daniel Dzula and Cheyenne

All songs written and performed by Cheyenne, except for ‘Monster Trucks’ written with musical help from Ben King

Cheyenne is Heath Fisher, Josh Harper, Beau Jennings, Elliott Walker

Artwork by Elliott Walker

Mixed by Chad Copelin

Mastered by TW Walsh

Thanks to the Great State of Oklahoma



all rights reserved


Beau Jennings Norman, Oklahoma

After years in Brooklyn fronting americana rock band Cheyenne, singer and songwriter Beau Jennings was in search of a new backing band upon returning to his home in Oklahoma. The Tigers – based out of Norman and a wrecking crew of some of the best musicians in the state – were already known as the go-to backing band for songwriters from the area and were a perfect match for Jennings’ new songs. ... more


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Track Name: Bad Times (Get Better or Quit)
Bad times are bakin’ on the Baptist concrete
She was shakin’ out sins all over my hot feet
I’m living off the hips but I’m choking on the heat

Bad times are bakin’ on the Baptist concrete
There’s a catfish cooler where the caviar used to be
I’m trying to fast but they just give me more to eat

Get better or quit, get better or quit
The bridge is out and we’re heading in
Get better or quit, get better or quit
When you hit the water’s when the road begins

Bad times are bakin’ on the Baptist concrete
It was wine all along and no one would take a drink
She’s drunk on the water and the miracle stains her teeth

Bad times are bakin’ on the Baptist concrete
And it curls up in shame under everyone’s feet
The flowers in the crack say there’s something underneath
Track Name: Bird In The Building
I caught you out back with the girl from this morning
You were both fired up from the minister’s story
Reading the lines in between her curves
The hill and the valley, the chapter and verse

No one gets out clean some never even get out
Some say its ok to go and look around
You’ve been watching her close now for 3 whole days
It’d take a couple angels to roll your eyes away

Well I tasted the air up above the surface
I could never tell the difference if i'm gonna be honest
Mighta come out clean but never got to the end
Here i am in the back row flippin pages again

Now its one week later and you try to behave
But the more you feel the more that there is to save
And now the altar call is getting louder and louder
And you realize it was never church without her

There’s a bird trapped in the building
There’s a snake wrapped around the cup
You went down to get baptized
And it felt so good that you never came up
Track Name: Bleed Crimson
We spent a day on the water
For a little relief
But the Illinois River
Is just meaner than mean

I got off at the end
Man I had no beliefs
And she’s walkin’ round lookin’
Like nothing I’ve ever seen

And the party that night didn’t clear nothing up
I started swinging, see I’d had enough
Everybody can talk, but ain’t nobody tough
You can only bleed crimson when you’re cut

We spent a day on the road
Just a’tellin’ the truth
I said I wasn’t sorry
She said "me too"

I said "I don’t regret"
She came back with a grin
"Is that what you tell all the girls
Is that how you reel ‘em in?"
Track Name: Leave It To The Locals
The sign said ‘ice gas food and beer’
I said to myself ‘a guy could make it here’
You just run inside when you start to run low
Leave it to the locals they can put on a show

I had to confess under fluorescent light
I had a poem on my left hand and a meaning on my right
I had a couple of cold ones left in the cooler
But that wasn’t enough to fool her

I try to remember just as much as I can
The small of her back, a Lake Tenkiller tan
We ran out of gas and we ran it ashore
We never kissed that way before

I had to confess under the traffic light
Roll down the window with my left hand turn the key with my right
I kissed her shoulder and I hugged her curves
I thought ‘maybe I’ll stop’ but I only swerved

(Lost Verse:)

So keep it comin boys and keep it clean
I wanna know what touchdown jesus means
I wanna know that special touch
I wanna know when it gets too much
Track Name: Measure Twice
I can see that new day coming
I can feel that old one end
I fold my hands now a little bit tighter
I let the news sink further in

I let the ash build a little bit longer
And form a layer like a second coat
Write on my arms everything I believe in
Write on the walls everything I don’t

This house was alive but now its only a frame
It was a shelter now it’s just nothing new under the sun
I’ll hold the boards in place with the weight of all that shame
I’ll measure twice and then I’ll cut it once

I wait above the door in the hallway
I watch the line as it passes below
I take a sip and I let it settle
I hold it tight then I let it go

I go and stand in front of the entrance
I let the spirits do their best
The letters bleed into one another
When it starts to get blurry’s when it reads the best
Track Name: Monster Trucks
She left her shift at Sugar’s at 6 this morning
Had her shoes and tips in her bag
The place was a mess there were holes in the stage
But she knew how to dance around that
She lives a few blocks away cause her landlord is cool
And cause its closer to this guy she likes
He comes over on Mondays when she has a day off
When he gets frisky then he turns out the lights
But to her it feels like work and she don’t work on Monday nights

I heard the monster trucks are gonna play this weekend
I heard it’s gonna be their very last show
I heard they got a smoke machine to go out with
I heard they’re playing every song they know
I heard they’re having babies and they’re getting jobs
I heard they’ve had enough of this town
I heard that instead of an encore set
I heard they’re burning the club to the ground

Well the place next to sugar’s started booking some bands
You could hear ‘em on the Sugar’s side
She felt the bass coming through the wall on her shifts
Next thing she knew she was hitting her stride
Then all the fellas straightened up and started paying attention
To this girl and her brand new show
Her boss asked if everything was ok
She said yeah did you that guitar solo
So they tore out the wall and now its called Sugar’s in stereo

I heard the monster trucks played a show last night
I heard a girl came to dance on stage
I heard her boyfriend got mad and started throwing bottles
When she got close to the guy on the bass
I heard they had to move the show to the place next door
They set up drums around the poles and the mirrors
I heard a fire broke out and that some walls came down
I heard the trucks played their best show in years

I saw the monster trucks on the news this morning
They played at this brand new club
There were 13 arrests and 2 altar calls
I heard it couldn’t survive all the love
I heard a guy and a girl left in each other’s arms
All bloodied and wet and grinnin’
I heard they got to her house and that the lights were out
I heard she said it was cool and she just clocked in
Track Name: Kings County
Well I think we’re outta time but we’re for sure outta money
So dress up pretty cause the good fight is just getting ugly
No one’s leaving early y’all get another drink
And plug back in cause boys cause we’re playing for keeps

We been paying our dues behind these Brooklyn bars
Some of em let us out easy some of em let us out hard
There’s no need to get sad or be afraid of the end
Cause boys we’re just killin’ time until the drums come in

Meet me down at king’s county and we’ll make some plans
We’ll get the boys together, baby we’ll start a band
We’ll get Kenny on the keys we’ll get the kid on the drums
Get cowboy mystic on the bass and grandpa’s six string guns
We’ll get off work early get some beer on the way
We’ll practice till the neighbors come a’ knockin to say
You guys are too darn loud but hey you sound alright
Then we’ll invite ‘em all in and we’ll play through the night

We’ll play everything we know
We’ll keep the smokers by the window
And then we’ll bounce it all disk
And the speakers just hiss

Then we’ll start to slow in down
Scatter ashes all around
Our fans are leaving one by one
I think my amp is finally done…
I think my amp is finally done…

Well now the sun is rising and we’re just wrapping up
We been playing real hard but now we’ve played enough
So hit the sign as you leave, repeat it everyday
The sign that says to play like a champion today
The sign that says to play like a champion today
The sign that says to play like a champion today